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          A deposit is required for all scheduled sessions.



​Individual or family sessions can be arranged for either days or evenings. There is no set time limit, as Nancy will continue to convey information from Spirit loved ones as long as is necessary. The price is a set fee and is not contingent on the length of the session. Nancy's main focus is to convey evidential information so that no doubt is left as to the Spirit survival.  


Sessions consist of 4-12 individuals. These sessions focus on providing information from loved ones on the Spirit side of live who are connected to group participants. Length of sessions and price vary according to the number of people. Each participant is guaranteed to receive a message. 


Nancy has ongoing classes for the purpose of teaching and enhancing the psychic and mediumistic gifts 

inherent in class members. 


Nancy presents an overview of the skills necessary to begin the process of opening up to the world of Spirit. Participants will explore their abilities through a series of exercises designed to facilitate this process.  Nancy's approach is not only informative, but also fun for everyone involved.


Nancy has performed before the media for numerous events, programs and documentaries. Please contact Nancy for information and availability.


Events can be arranged privately for organizations or through the media. Demonstrations can be organized for as small as 15 to an unlimited number of the participants. These groups are less costly, however, in this format not everyone is guaranteed a message.   

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