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A Recent Loss


Nancy is incredible! I've lost both of my parents over the last year, and my session with her brought me some much-needed comfort. I was able to connect with my mother and father, as well as with other family members who are in spirit. Nancy told me things that she could not possibly know about otherwise. It was truly amazing. Because of covid, our meeting was over the phone, but it didn't seem to make a difference. Nancy was very easy going and kind - I highly recommend her!!


Catherine G.

A Scent--sational Reading

"After my mother’s sudden passing, I began to search for a credible medium.  I came across Nancy’s number through several referrals.  I had never experienced a mediumistic reading, so I was overly cautious not to share details about myself or my family, just to see what Nancy would say.  My brother participated with me in the reading and it was done over the phone.  The call was nothing short of phenomenal.  Nancy had tuned in with spirit 30-45 minutes prior to our reading.  When we called Nancy, she had a list of information ready to share.  She had details so specific and personal that she could not have researched.  She described two spirits right away that she sensed were sisters.  These were in fact my grandmother and my great aunt (sister-in-laws).  Both of these women played a key role in raising my brother and I, so I was not surprised that they came through.  Nancy mentioned a chair that was in my great aunt’s “parlor.”  This particular chair was sitting next to me during the reading and it was in fact in my great aunt’s front room which she referred to as the “parlor.” 


Nancy went on to say there was a “Francis” coming through and she wanted to tell “Perry” hi.  Francis was my husband’s grandmother and Perry is his cousin.  Perry was getting married the day following my reading. Throughout the call, Nancy said that spirit were telling her of a recent passing.  She was able to tell us that the recent passing was our mother (without help from us).  She also went on to share details so intimately personal about my family that she could not have known. At one point during the call, my brother put one of Mom’s blouses up to his nose and took a deep breath to smell her scent.  Nancy picked up on this and immediately said “I just got a scent of perfume, did your mother wear a Chanel perfume?  I just got a strong scent of perfume.”  My brother and I smiled at one another across the room because we knew Nancy could not have known that he was holding Mom’s blouse and had it close to his nose.   

To those who are skeptical, Nancy is the real thing.  Since the call, I am happy to call Nancy a friend.  She is an incredible woman who has been blessed with an awesome gift." 

Heather (and Todd) – Chicago, IL

"Fantastic First Reading"

"Having had no experience with mediumistic readings, I consider myself extremely fortunate to have been referred to Nancy Garber for my first reading. There were several things that impressed me: 

(1) She was more concerned about me getting a good reading than trying to fit everything into one hour. She will not cut off communication when an hour has passed if she is still receiving messages. I was very concerned about the time element, but she was not. 

(2) She will not force a reading. When I called her for my reading, she was still tapping into the spirit world and asked if I could call back later. I appreciated that she was honest with me and did not want to start until she was ready.

(3) Her accuracy  she spoke of specifics and not generalities. She described my grandmother's physical attributes and personality perfectly. She also mentioned my grandmother's Native American heritage and her two songbirds. It was amazing how many people she was able to contact and describe.

Nancy is an expert in her field. She is patient and will work with those who are new to mediumistic readings. If you have the opportunity to have a reading with Nancy, you will not be disappointed!"

D.K. --  Minneapolis, MN


A Loving Husband

I met Nancy in Ft. Myers Florida in late Oct. 2012.  She brought through a message from my recently deceased husband.  One message told me that I should think about downsizing.  I figured that meant to downsize my living space.  The next day I received a letter from social security which led me to decide to work part-time instead of full-time.  I feel now that my husband meant for me to downsize my work.  I had been very upset with the holidays coming, but I now feel a type of peace and know my husband is guiding me. Seeing Nancy has helped me  to deal with the death of my husband better than I was previously experiencing and I am grateful for her reading.  I hope to meet with her someday soon again.  Thank you Nancy for all you do.

Karen Volpe--Estero, Florida


The Gift of Grammy

"This has been an exciting year for me--due in large part to Nancy Garber's extraordinary gift. Nancy's ability to connect us with our loved ones that have passed has brought comfort, relief and closure for me. I went to Nancy hoping to hear from a few people, but especially my grandmother. And did I ever hear from Grammy!  Nancy conveyed my grandmother's unending love for me and my children and of her presence in our lives. I am truly blessed and at peace knowing that my grandmother is always with us even if we can't reach out and touch her.  I can't thank Nancy enough for her gift to me."   

Nadine K -- Boston, MA

A Reading with Results

"Before seeing Nancy I did my research on other psychics in the Boston area and for the price and reviews she was the best fit.  I went into our first session weary and made sure not to tell her anything except my first name and that I lived in Boston.  I went to her for a medium reading in hopes of reaching my mother, my grandmother, my grandfather and one of my best friends.  (Side note: I am only 20 years old so it was impressive that she was still able to look past that and knew that despite my age I knew a handful of loved ones who have passed). 

Nancy immediately was able to reach my friend and knew that she was a young woman who violently took her own life.  She was also able to see a connection between us of soccer (we played in high school together), a panther (our college mascot), and was even able to get her initials the first time as well as distinctly say "She wants to tell Doug hello" who is my roommate and a great friend to both of us.  She also said that she was happy I had the girl who plays the harp in my life.  Then later Nancy said this girl has ginger hair and blue eyes- my current roommate was this girl's best friend in grade school and high school and has ginger hair, blue eyes and plays the harp. Then she also was able to contact my mother who she identified as being my mother and knew that she died of breast cancer.  She again was able to say with no hesitation "She wants to say hello to Linda" who was my mother's BEST friend.

I highly recommend Nancy and there is no doubt in my mind that she has a true gift.  I still talk to her regularly as a good friend due to her warm personality."


Steph F. -- Boston, MA


Forgotten Feather

"Sometime after my beloved husband passed on, while on a walk to the beach I found a large white feather which was bent in half but otherwise perfect.  I thought at that time the feather mimicked how I was feeling: intact, but having a “broken wing” without him.​ I took the feather home, not mentioning it to anyone; I placed it in a dresser drawer and forgot about it.  Months later, shortly after Nancy began a reading for me, she almost immediately mentioned the feather, the circumstanced under which I found it, where it had been stored and that it had, in fact, been a message from my husband. The accuracy of these and other details Nancy has provided during my initial and subsequent readings is undeniable."  
J.H. -- Naples, FL

Dedicated Dentist
"Nancy Garber is the real thing.  I had never consulted a medium before, and was skeptical, but after reading a story about Nancy in the West Roxbury newspaper I decided to try a reading, not expecting anything more than general information.  Boy was I surprised.

When Nancy arrived for the reading she had already written down the actual names and physical descriptions of all the people on the other side that I wanted to talk to.  There is no way Nancy could have known about these people, even if she had time to research my past (which she didn’t).  The only thing Nancy knew about me in advance was my first name, yet the names and descriptions of my loved ones were all dead-on (sorry for the pun) accurate, and the things they had to say sounded exactly like what they would be saying to me if they were still alive.

There were even a few surprises that I wasn’t expecting.  A large man named Bob, for instance, kept telling Nancy to tell me that it was time to have my teeth checked.   It took me a few minutes, but I then realized that it was my dentist, who was a large man named Bob, unfortunately killed in a car accident about a year previously, coming through.  Apparently they keep an eye out for us from the other side.

If you are interested in a reading of this sort, but are wary of charlatans, have no fear about Nancy Garber.  Nancy is no charlatan; she is the real thing, and her gift for communicating with the other side is amazing.  Bring paper and a pen, as some things may not register at first, but will make sense later.

Thanks Nancy!"

Ted G. -- Boston, MA

Nancy Garber~"Scary Accurate, Scary Results"

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